The Namesake

Hugely Powerful descriptions, unexpected ending


Tui in a Kowhai tree (photo ©Tanya Lunn 2015) Tui in a Kowhai tree (photo ©Tanya Lunn 2015)

Here’s a short story that I wrote in response to an assignment on my creative writing course. The brief was that the story must be on the theme of ‘home’ and should be recognisably New Zealand, with a word count of 400-600 words.

NB: Kōwhai is pronounced Kō-fye

The Namesake

‘Why on God’s earth would you name a child after a tree? Trees have tree names, people have people names,’ he’d said, when she told him. But there was something about those yellow flowers that she loved and she wanted her daughter to feel as strong as a tree and as happy as sunshine. He wouldn’t understand, because he’d always been strong and happy. Anna remembered this as she trudged across the paddock, the plastic crate of washing on the angle of her hip, the frost crunching beneath her boots. She pushed…

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